Karamea Featured on Japanese TV

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The Japanese TV Programme "Sekkai no Hate no Nihon Gin" ("Japanese at the Ends of the World") heard about Sanae Murray, the wife of LivinginPeace Project Founder Paul Murray and came to Karamea at the top of the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand in November 2012 to discover why she left Tokyo to live in Karamea.

The TV crew were here for five days and filmed the daily life of Sanae and her family and the happenings at their businesses Rongo Dinner, Bed & Breakfast, Karamea Farm Baches, Karamea Connections, Global Gypsy Gallery and the beautiful scenery and nature of Karamea.

The programme is in Japanese, but non-Japanese speakers will be able to understand it visually, so please check it out and then come and visit us in Sunny Karamea!

Thank you to Tokyo Broadcasting System for allowing us to put the footage on our Web sites and to the Sekkai no Hate no Nihon Gin film crew…good job guys!